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Founding member and Creative Director Layne Lundstrom is a brand and communication specialist with over 23 years experience in marketing, advertising and graphic design.

“I have been fortunate enough to experience, and be a part of, the amazing changes within the advertising and design arena over the last two decades, and doing what I love to do for as long as I have been able to do it.”

Marketing, advertising and graphic design avenues and options have increased ten-fold. The digital explosion streamlined the process of design concepts to production to distribution unlike any other industry of this time. Print tradesmen went from mechanical build to digital direct-to-plate, from there direct to press. Messaging is no longer controlled by what you see in print and digital media placed by marketing heads…social media now has a say. However, one thing has stayed consistent throughout; focusing on our client’s needs, providing thought provoking design, and superior customer service.

Consistency in the industry brings lasting partnerships, both client and resource oriented business partners. Processes are established, procedures for distribution in place, resources acquired and plans executed. Our network of influence, our understanding of brand strategies, and knowledge of the processes provides our client base the streamline, stress free distribution of their marketing strategies.


Brand development, communication design and implementation, or brand consultation and direction, large or small, we have the capabilities and resources in place to facilitate your brand building efforts.


Proper brand image and communication collateral should not be understated and must not be undermined. Your brand encompasses all that you are and do, it is the heart and soul of your mission! Trust it to an experienced, personable branding specialist that values your efforts…and your bottom line!



03 Experience



Creative Design

Brand development requires an intricate balance between functionality and creative expression. Understanding our clients mind set is our first and foremost objective when nurturing new brand development.

Real World Experience
Fundamental brand application in a real world scenario requires industry knowledge across all spectrum's of brand application.

Your brand building efforts do not end with the creation of your logo. How your brand appears is as important as where your brand appears.


Market Value
A successful brand utilizes all media avenues to establish and maintain brand awareness and message point advantage.


In today's world, it is imperative to capitalize on, and manage brand recognition across all mediums available targeting our clients market demographics while optimizing our clients budgeting expenditures.


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