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Our Story

The beginning.

With 29 years in the industry specializing in print design, web design (when the web became the web) and packaging design, we have learned most of the tricks of the trade...and them some. What began as a dream; a Macintosh Quadra blown out with 32 MB of ram, a defiance of the norm, and a yearning desire for freedom became... Black Rose Design.

The teen years.

Sustained by pre-press talents in the early years, we built our reputation on creativity, customer service and speed to market delivery. In 2008, through an introverted peek into what was Black Rose Design, and an unfortunate copping of our name, (hence the ® behind the z) we ventured on our quest to find that inner voice. We searched to find the brand that would reflect our true inner being, our very soul... never conform, never give in, and without fail... always DISRUPT! The quest was realized.


Our true identity was born, our messaging strong, it was our motto to life,

Out'a the linez®

Full circle.

From the first initial spark of life from the Quadra in '94, to a  brick and mortar studio complete with staff, and finally evolving as a full-throttled bolt of energy rocking in the command center that is now the studio. We will continue to create award winning  design, continue to be relevant, and above all... continue to disrupt.

Out'a the linez... a positive force of disruptive energy!


*All artwork, photography, digital design and copy  ~ Layne

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