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A quick story behind this video. We represent Premier Plastics as their "Agency of Record" and on this particular occasion, we were shooting the new Sencorp 2500 Ultra on site. We had to shoot during the employee lunch break so we could extinguish the lights and halt all activity as to not capture any "bodies" during our video shoot.

​As we were setting up our lighting system and camera, the new Sencorp 2500 Ultra was taking a little lunch break itself. As it did and as I set up, the "Forming" plates would rise and fall in sync. With the lights on low, I the only one in production, (Its a big facility) and this massive beast of a machine contemplating how to hunt, eat and send me through her grips of power and onto the belt for packaging.

​As such, in my spare time honing my video skills, I put together a little clip of that experience. It shares Premier's extraordinary capabilities, and really captures the essence of the moment, thank you Premier Plastics!

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